Acne Treatment in Delhi India

The appearance of acne scars can affect your self confidence. Acne scars are a result of severe chronic acne eruptions or physically picking at acne eruptions. Scars can be mild where the depth, size and quantity are minor or severe where the depth and size of scarring is major and the area is large. There are multiple treatments for acne scars such as Surgical Dermabrasion, Deep Chemical Peels and Fillers. A customized treatment plan will be structured for maximum results.

As far as recuperation time is considered, it is extremely quick. You can resume work the same day. All treatments are outpatient procedures and the treatment time vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

If you have a problem of live acne eruptions, along with acne scars, this can be treated with Chemical Peel sessions combined with Medical Microdermabrasion. This particular laser, kills the deep embedded bacteria which cause the acne eruptions and help to rebuild the skin, thus removing the acne scars. Medical microdermabrasion removes any bacteria in the upper layers of the skin while giving a nice glow to the skin. Both upper and lower layer of the skin are targeted to remove acne forming bacteria and to rejuvenate and rebuild the skin, minimizing the look of the scars.

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