Chemical Peels Treatment in Delhi

There are many people who crave for younger and rejuvenated skin. For people with dull lifeless skin, blemishes, pigmentation problems, minor scarring, minor fine lines or acne, chemical peels are a good treatment, which maybe recommended by your doctor. It is non-invasive procedure which can remove the top layer of skin or deep layers of skin to reveal fresh problem free skin. Results of this procedure are outstanding as it improves the texture, health and colour of your skin; restoring radiant, healthy and luminous appearance, thus creating youthful, fresh look.

Chemical peels are categorised into three major types mentioned below:

Superficial peels

It removes the superficial layers of the skin gradually. To get desired results, series of treatment is needed at regular intervals. Recovery is quick and comprises of slight flaking. Usually, there is no down time. Regular activities can be resumed soon after the procedure.

Medium peels

These, usually, involve usage of stronger acids, to affect deeper layers of the skin. The procedure targets upper dermis and epidermis causing skin to slough over the period of five to seven days. Skin becomes a slightly darker colour within a 24 to 48 hours, and peeling process starts after three to four days. It might take seven to ten days to reveal the underlying new fresh and smooth skin. Medium peels make for the right option for people who have uneven, pigmentation, scars, wrinkles and acne.

Deep peels

If you want dramatic results of the procedure, then deep peels is the best option to consider. It is highly recommended for treating blemishes, scars, wrinkles, sun damage and deep pigmentation problems. Several skin layers are peeled over one or two weeks of the procedure. It can be performed once in six or twelve months on the basis of problems targeted. You can get baby smooth, clean and even skin after procedure.

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