Thigh Lift Surgery in India

If you have loose skin on the inner or outer thighs, the Thigh Lift procedure may help to get you the smooth look you desire. The major reasons of sagging skin is ageing or massive weight loss. Thigh lift is a surgical procedure that is performed to remove excessive skin from the inner or outer thigh area. This procedure pulls up and removes excess skin, to give even contours to the thigh area. This procedure is performed under general anaesthesia with a recommended 1 day of hospital stay. The surgery lasts for approximately two hours. This procedure can be combined with other cosmetic surgical procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck, buttock lift, along with facial procedures. Both men and women can benefit from this procedure to get a youthful, smooth and shapely thighs.

If weight loss has left you with sagging skin on your thighs, instead of tight, shapely thighs, then you may opt for a Thigh Lift Surgery in Delhi. This is a specialized procedure which needs to be performed by a well qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Ajaya Kashyap is the Thigh lift surgeon in Delhi for you. His extensive experience in body lift procedures spans over 25 years. In our thigh lift clinic in Delhi, Dr. Kashyap, Double American Board certified Plastic Surgeon, removes excess skin to tighten and lift the thighs. Contact us to find out about your Thigh Lift surgery in South Delhi and to find out about the thigh lift surgery cost in Delhi with Dr. Kashyap.

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