Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in India

Having good looks and curvaceous body is what all women crave for, which includes well-shaped buttocks. Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery augment the buttocks by harvesting excessive fat deposits from parts of body like thighs, tummy and love handles and then with specialized process, injecting the fat in the buttocks.

In Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery, since fat from the candidate's body is transferred to buttocks, there arises no possibility of rejection. In some cases, candidates do not have sufficient fat for fat transfer or grafting. In such cases, butt augmentation with implants would be a better procedure to consider.

Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, combines liposuction and fat grafting, giving volume to the buttock area, resulting in a lift and beautiful new curves.

Today, curves are in fashion. Having poorly developed and flat buttocks may be cause of concern for many individuals, resulting in low self esteem. Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Delhi by Dr. Ajaya Kashyap is a procedure recommended for this problem. The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is a specialized procedure, performed in our Brazilian butt lift clinic in Delhi, which uses your own fat from your body. This fat is purified and injected into the buttock region. Dr. Kashyap, India’s Triple American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, has special training and is the best Brazilian Butt Lift doctor in Delhi. Patients come from various parts of world, to have this procedure performed by Dr. Kashyap, India’s renowned Brazilian butt lift surgeon in Delhi, because of 35 years of experience. To find out about the Brazilian butt lift surgery cost in India, contact our clinic anytime. We will be happy to explain the procedure and help you schedule your consultation with Dr. Kashyap.

brazilian butt lift surgery in delhi
brazilian butt lift surgery in india