KAS Fluid Lift

KAS Fluid Lift is a non-surgical facelift which helps to dramatically improve the skin and the structural tissues, giving the face a balanced and proportionate look. KAS is optimal for anyone at any age desiring face rejuvenation and contouring. KAS involves a two layered approach. First, dramatic skin rejuvenation and the second involves facial contouring, in which results keep improving and can last for several years. The entire procedure is minimally invasive and enhances the texture of your skin while replenishing or improving its volume.

Before performing KAS Fluid Lift, your surgeon will assess your face involving facial mapping to determine:

Areas where volume is not too much or little however rejuvenation is required.

Areas of your face that lacks volume like lateral parts of your face, forehead or upper parts of your cheeks including the areas that have depressed scars

Areas from where excessive volume requires to be removed such as jowls, lower parts of cheeks and chin.

The initial and the most important step is acquiring quality PRP from candidate's own blood and Stem Cells from adipose tissue, using an FDA approved technique. A special method allows to maximize harvesting of Growth Factors. This leads to the production of more collagen and structural tissues.

Adipocytes enriched with stem cells are taken from patient's own fat and are used as rejuvenators and fillers together with PRP. Candidate's fat cells are removed using a small needle, a cannula, from the abdomen, thighs, or hips. USFDA apparatus enriches it with stem cells. Although, there are some concerns over fetal stem cells but these are completely safe being adult stem cells that are taken from candidate's own body.

Stem Cells and Growth Factors stimulates the skin of to grow collagen. Consequently, it becomes more soft and supple. The emptiness of folds and cheeks around nose are filled and skin becomes fresh and glowing. As the procedure makes use of no artificial fillers, no unevenness and lumps are experienced by the candidate. As the procedure involves no cuts, there are no scars. The results of the entire procedure are extraordinary and natural giving you an all new, fresh, harmonized and youthful look.

Having healthy glowing skin is a sign of good health. Dr. Kashyap has developed a non-surgical facelift, Kas Fluid Lift, which incorporates stem cells, PRP and liposculpture after intensive facial mapping. Kas Fluid Lift Surgery uses of your own tissues resulting in no possibility of rejection. KAS Fluid lift plastic surgery also, uses no incisions. The KAS Fluid facelift leaves your face glowing, improving health over the next upcoming months and gives a defined look after the procedure.