Facial Implants Surgery India

You may want to enhance certain facial features with permanence, to attain symmetry and balance. Facial Implants can be used in various areas of the face – chin, cheeks, and jawline, to augment and enhance these areas. This procedure is performed with biocompatible solid material, silicone, to minimize rejection. The exact size and type of facial implants that will best work for you is decided after evaluating your goals, areas that you want to improve and the judgment taken by your surgeon. The primary objective of facial implants is to create proportion and balance

The procedure can be performed as standalone or in tandem with other facial procedures like facelift, skin resurfacing or nose surgery.

Chin Implants – These are recommended for increasing the projection as well as size of the chin that is not in tune with mid face and forehead. A recessed or small chin is often described as the one that gives an illusion of being disappearing into the individuals neck instead of appearing as a discrete facial feature.

Jaw Implants – This kind of procedure helps in amplifying the width of lower third part of your face. Just like the chin, a weak jaw can be considered as the one that is neither distinct nor well-defined from the neck. As observed in some cases, both jaw and chin can be the reason for facial imbalance.

Cheek Implants – This surgical procedure helps in increasing the projection of your cheekbones. These are simply the right pick for those who want to add volume to the flat or recessed mid-face area.

Facial implants can be performed under local or general anesthesia. The procedure takes 1 to 2 hours depending on the type of facial implant procedure performed. The majority of swelling and bruising may take up to 10 days to subside. Dressings are removed within 24 hours, while the sutures used are absorbable. You can get back to work after 2-3 days but with some bruising and swelling.

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