Facial Liposculpture in India

Facial sculpting can take many forms from fillers and liposculpture to facial implants and face lift procedure. Facial liposculpture involves removal of fat from some fat pockets especially in the neck and jaw area along with injection of autologous fat in areas of depression, lines or sagging. There are multiple fat pockets in the face and also some true and false ligaments. Sagging because of aging or weight loss as well as congenital and developmental problems can lead to deficiency, malpositioning or drooping of these pockets. The areas in between can look like contour deficits. These drooping "hills and valleys" can be improved with liposculpture. The fat that us removed is done with micro-cannulas to keep the fat fine and sculpting precise. The fat is then purified before reinjection in the depressions. We often add PRP from the patient's own blood to further enhance the effects. The highlights are thus enhanced and the depressions lifted and improved. These procedure require a lot of experience and precision to achieve the desired results.

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