Post-Massive Weightloss Packages

We have put together some Post-Massive Weightloss packages at special prices. You have worked hard and lost a considerable amount of weight. The weight has gone, but the excess skin has still confined you to loose clothing and still not feeling confident. Our packages are here to give you confidence and make you look and feel terrific! There are some related procedures that we have recommended as "Add On Procedures." These procedures can be added on to the package for an extra price. Since everyone's requirements are unique, this helps to customize each package for you. You can either take the package, as is, at the special price or customize the package by adding on additional procedures for an extra price.

Post Massive Weightloss packages in india

Post-Massive Weightloss Packages:-

  • Package #1: Total Lower Body Lift (Tummy Tuck + Outer Thighlift + Buttocklift) + Breast Lift + Armlift
  • Package #2: Total Lower Body Lift (Tummy Tuck + Outer Thighlift + Buttocklift) + Gynecomastia + 2 regions Vaser/Lysonic Liposuction

Costs Include:

  • Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off
  • Consultation
  • Procedure Booking
  • Procedure Cost (Surgeon fee, Hospital fees, Anesthesia)
  • Pre-Operative Medical Testing (routine for procedure)
  • Medicines Given in the Hospital (pertaining to the procedure)